Privacy Policy understands how important the privacy of the personal data is to our visitors. We will respect your privacy choices, and we will prove to you that your information matters.

About our policy

We do not demand a user registration. But, because the website contains cookies, we will collect some of your personal details, including the name, address, phone, and email address. Furthermore, the cookies will gather information such as the IP address and various log files, so that we will better administer the site, analyze trends, and track the movements of the users. Our goal is to provide easier services to our visitors and ensure them a more enjoyable, user-friendly browsing experience.

The reason why we use cookies – this small text file that collects data – is to improve the personalization of our service, to provide information that will interest you, and communicate better with our users. The search requests will be faster, and you will receive special offers, according to your preferences.

Your privacy matters

We will not sell, divulge, disclose or share in any form your personal information. We password-protect your sensitive data, and our encryption software will keep it safe. However, we do not need your credit card number, and we will never have access to your bank account. This website will not sell you anything. But the third parties do, and they have their own privacy policy. Check it before buying anything online.

Any of your personal information will be offered voluntarily. We do not force the visitors to send their sensitive data. If you do not agree with our cookie policy, you can disable them in the settings of your browser. Please consider that we may decide to change or update this policy without prior announcement. If you want to be sure that you acknowledge the most recent version of it, please visit